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Työviesti automatically searches for a matching substitute from a substitute list you have created yourself.

I can recommend using Työviesti.. I take care of substitutes for two schools (both teachers and assistants),
and Työviesti is really nifty.

I don't have to make tens of phone calls each morning, now the service takes care of it for me. And the more names you have on your own list, the more certain
it is to get a substitute

Tarja Kallatsa,
Koulusihteeri Syväsenvaaran
ja Nivavaaran Koulu


Työviesti is for smart
adults, who want more results
with less work. Not less results
with more work.

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I will tell others about Työviesti,
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A nurse,

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Save money

Try our costs calculator to find out how much you spend money for calling employees.

By using Työviesti your employees have more time for more important things and you save money!


And it works effectively!

Searches for substitutes by our clients
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Työviesti has succesfully
found substitutes for our clients:

Save time and effort with substitute searches. Try 15 days for Free

What is Työviesti?

" Työviesti is a service to help the employer, the entrepreneur, the shift manager and the charge nurse. The search for a substitute can be very difficult and take hours of effective work time. It can cause stress for the manager when there aren't enough workers. This can also cause overwork for other employees.

With Työviesti, you can find a substitute in a moment:
Just fill the details and let our service handle the rest. "

Heidi Alariesto

Heidi Alariesto

puh. 045 - 313 3533
Heidi Alariesto

Did you know this about Työviesti?

  • We have over 60 different organisations as our clients currently
  • Customers in four different segments
  • Has won the Innosuomi prize
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